Fantastic Factories

English: Rulebook (PDF, en)

Deutsch: Rulebook (PDF, de) Translation by: Torsten Sammet

Español: Rulebook (PDF, es) Translation by: Paco Yanez

Français: Rulebook (PDF, fr) Translation by: Séverine Riehl

Magyar: Rulebook (PDF, hu) Translation by: Zoltán Ludányi


English: Rulebook (PDF, en)


English: Rulebook (PDF, en)

How To Play Videos

Learning a new game can be a chore, so we helped sponsor this video for you guys to get started with Fantastic Factories. Rodney’s channel, Watch It Played, has top notch explanation videos for hundreds of games, and he did a great job explaining Fantastic Factories. Thank you, Rodney! 

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This is another great how to play video: