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A Dice Placement Engine-Building Game

Race against other players as you try to build the most efficient set of factories in the shortest amount of time.

Carefully manage your blueprints and train your workers. Discover quirky combinations of factories and puzzle out the best placement of all your people. And above all, manufacture as many goods as possible!

Fantastic Factories is a dice placement, engine building tabletop game for 1 to 5 players and takes 45 to 60 minutes to play. Players build a set of factories into their compound and then roll dice to use as workers. With over 35 different blueprints, you can discover endless inventive and creative ways your factories can work together. 

Different factories have different worker requirements. Some require a pair of matching dice. Some require a specific value. You aren't stuck with what you roll, though. With training facilities you can manipulate the values of your dice in order to figure out the optimal placement of all your workers! Each turn is a satisfying puzzle to solve. 


  • 28 dice (16mm) (4 red, 4 blue, 4 green, 4 yellow, 4 purple, and 8 white)
  • 50 energy resource tokens
  • 30 metal* resource tokens (*clarification: represents metal resources in the game but made out of chipboard)
  • 85 goods tokens
  • 4 tool label tokens
  • 78 blueprint cards
  • 18 contractor cards
  • 1 first player token
  • 5 player boards and player aids

Fantastic Factories comes with over 40 unique blueprint and contractor cards, ensuring each game is a fresh and new experience with lots of replayability.

Game Start

Market Phase

Work Phase

Game End

Once all players are finished with their turns, the round is complete, and another one begins with the market phase again. If any players have manufactured 12 or more goods or have built 10 or more cards, the following round is the final round.

Solo Game

Fantastic Factories supports playing solo. You still get to build awesome combinations of factories and strategize where best to place your workers. The only difference is you will be competing against a simple but efficient opponent known as "The Machine". The Machine is easily managed and guided by dice rolls and can be adjusted for varying levels of challenge. More details can be found in the rulebook


The engine builder for everyone! It's a big game in a small box. Our table will se a lot of Fantastic Factories in the future!

Bebo (Be Bold games)

I'm STOKED for this game... It's one that has this uncanny accessibility without watering down the strategic experience. An extremely satisfying experience all while taking less than an hour to play.

Christian Kang (Take Your Chits)

It's crafty, designery, and thinky... a very well designed game. It's living in this place where it's a thinky game but also cute. I LOVE THAT.

Eduardo Baraf (Gaming With Edo)

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