Promo Pack

The "Promo Pack" is a plastic zip bag containing 5 promotional cards for Fantastic Factories. If you wish to play with these cards, simply add the cards to their respective decks and play Fantastic Factories as normal.

Here are descriptions of the cards:



Cryolab: Place 2 dice (of any values) on Cryolab. These dice do not do anything this turn. Next turn, roll 2 extra dice at the beginning of the work phase (e.g. roll 6 dice instead of the usual 4).



University: Discard a blueprint to increase or decrease a die by 1.

For example: Discard a blueprint to change a [5] die to a [6].



High Roller: This is a "push your luck" minigame. Roll a die. If you roll a [2] or higher, gain 1 metal and one energy, and you may choose to roll again (if you roll a 2 or higher again, gain 1 metal and 1 energy, and you may choose to roll again, infinitely). You may choose to stop at any time and keep your winnings. However, if you ever roll a [1], lose all the resources you gained through High Roller and your turn is over.