US shipping starting this week! and AU/NZ shipped!

Hello everyone!

Australia and New Zealand orders have been sent out, some countries in Asia have started fulfilling, and North American fulfillment is starting this week.

Delivery Estimates

Here are our estimates of when games will start arriving:

  •  Australia and New Zealand - This week or next (if it hasn't shown up already)
  •  China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan - This week or next
  •  Rest of Asia - varies by country: October-November
  •  Europe - 2nd half of October
  •  US - Mid to Late October
  •  Canada - Late October

US Fulfillment

US fulfillment is starting! Quartermaster Logistics will start shipping out games to backers in the US this week. Packages will ship from Florida and, depending on where you live, may take a couple weeks to arrive.

When your shipping label is printed, you will receive an email from "Metafactory Games c/o Quartermaster Logistics <>" with a tracking link. (Please note that the link won't work until the package is actually shipped)

Canada Fulfillment

The first step of Canadian fulfillment has started. Your orders are being packed this week by Quartermaster Logistics in Florida (at the same time as the US orders). They'll also print and apply FedEx labels to each package before freighting them en masse to the FedEx hub in Canada, where they'll be forwarded on to you.

You may receive an email from FedEx or Quartermaster Logistics this week about your order, but we think this just indicates that your label has been printed. Tracking won't work until the packages are trucked to Canada and handed over to FedEx.

We don't know exactly when the truck leaves for Canada or when it will arrive at the FedEx hub, but we'll post an update when we have more information. (This is a complete guess, but we assume the truck will leave for Canada this week or next week)

US and Canada "packout"

Here's a photo of how Quartermaster Logistics is packing the game for US and Canada orders:

How Fantastic Factories is packed for North American orders

Australia and New Zealand

Aetherworks in Sydney sent out parcels at the end of last week, so they should be on their way to your homes now. Some Australian backers have commented that they've received it (and they said very kind things about the game, as well. Thank you.) and the rest of the orders should arrive over the next couple of weeks, depending on where you live.


China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan - VFI Asia is starting to ship games this week, and orders should arrive over the next couple of weeks (a backer in Hong Kong commented that they've received the game!). 

Rest of Asia - Orders for other countries in Asia have been packed and are on their way to their country hubs. Thailand orders may be the first to go out. We'll follow up with VFI Asia this week, and hopefully we'll be able to share more concrete fulfillment dates for these countries in the next update. Once games start shipping from these country hubs, Fantastic Factories should show up on this page: and we'll be able to check the fulfillment status for each country. 

European Fulfillment

Last we heard, our EU shipment is still making its way through customs in France. We'll let you know when we get an update.

Assuming all goes well in customs, we'll ask Meeple Logistics to prioritize getting UK orders into the UK before October 31 and hopefully avoid potentially costly Brexit-related issues.

Promo Packs

Please be careful not to accidentally throw away your promo pack! It is included outside of the main game box and may be loose in the package that ships to you. (It is a plastic zip bag containing 5 cards.)

The promo pack bag. Please don't accidentally throw this out! It is external to the main game box and may be loose inside your parcel.

Missing pieces or manufacturing defects

Our manufacturer has a stellar reputation for high quality, but mistakes can still happen. If something is missing or broken in your copy of Fantastic Factories when it arrives, please let us know and we’ll make it right! Please fill out this Google Form to let us know the issue and we'll contact you about a replacement:

The Dice Tower Coverage

Tom Vasel's Best of the Month

The Dice Tower is one of the biggest board game reviewers out there, and they have a massive queue of games to review, so we had a copy air shipped earlier in order to get on their schedule sooner. Luckily, it seems to have caught their eye and they've already released a review! The Dice Tower's Tom Vasel named Fantastic Factories the best new-to-him game he played in September and gave it their Seal of Excellence! You can check out the full review.

The Dice Tower Seal of Excellence

"Top notch production... It's very rare these days for a new company to hit one of the ballpark with their first game. In this case, it happened. Highly recommend it. One of the best games I've played in the past few weeks. Fantastic Factories. Dice Tower judgement: EXCELLENT" - Tom Vasel

Calico: A game about cats and quilts

Calico: A game about cats and quilts

We are extremely fortunate to be located in Seattle where there is a large and supportive group of board game designers and publishers who we've met and have helped us along our way in this journey. We just wanted to give a quick shoutout to some of those people -- our friends at Flatout Games (who designed Point Salad). They just launched their first Kickstarter campaign for their board game, Calico, a game about cats and quilts. It has gorgeous art from Beth Sobel. We played it and loved it. It's a spatial tile laying game that is simple to learn but offers some crunchy decisions. If you like the puzzley aspect of Fantastic Factories, you'll probably enjoy the spatial puzzle that Calico has to offer. If that sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to go check it out.

Up Next

AU, NZ, and US fulfillment will continue over the next week or so, Asia fulfillment will continue for different countries over the next few weeks, and Canadian fulfillment should start in earnest in a week or two. We should have more information about the EU shipment soon and we'll share what we learn in a future update.

We couldn't have gotten this far without all of you, so thank you for all your kind words, patience, grassroots marketing, and financial support. We can't wait for Fantastic Factories to arrive on your doorstep!

If you have any questions or need to contact us about your order, you can send us an email at

Thank you again for all your support!!

Joseph and Justin

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