How to Play video! US mostly shipped! Canada, EU, Asia soon. AU/NZ shipped!

Hello everyone!

How To Play by Watch It Played

Rodney Smith has released a How To Play video for Fantastic Factories!  

"Fantastic Factories - How To Play" by Watch It Played

Learning a new game can be a chore, so we helped sponsor this video for you guys to get started with Fantastic Factories. Rodney’s channel, Watch It Played, has top notch explanation videos for hundreds of games, and he did a great job explaining Fantastic Factories. Thank you, Rodney! 

If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up on Youtube! 

Delivery Estimates

Here are our estimates of when games will start arriving:

  •  Australia and New Zealand - Last week or earlier
  •  China, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Taiwan - Last week or earlier
  •  Japan, Thailand - Late October
  •  Singapore - Next week
  •  South Korea - Late October or Early November
  •  Europe - Late October - Early November
  •  US - This week or earlier
  •  Canada - Late October


Arriving: Late October - Early November

The EU shipment finally cleared Customs on Friday! (in customs for 14 days instead of the estimated 7,  not entirely sure why).  The games are en route to Meeple Logistics in France (our EU fulfillment provider) and should arrive there this week.

We’re not sure how long Meeple will need before they start fulfilling (supposedly 1-4 weeks), but we’ll check with them on a more exact timeline and report back. We’re still hoping to prioritize getting UK shipments into the UK before Oct 31. If UK backers end up having to pay extra duties due to fulfilling after a Brexit, we will refund the duty amount to their KS pledges.


Arriving: Late October

All orders for Canadian backers are currently being trucked from our US warehouse in Florida to a FedEx hub outside of Toronto. They should arrive at FedEx in a few days and then they’ll ship out to backers. You should receive an email from Quartermaster Logistics with tracking numbers when they arrive at FedEx.


Most (if not all) US orders shipped last week and this week! You should have gotten an email from Quartermaster Logistics ( with a tracking number when your order shipped.

If you haven’t received your package yet, please use your tracking number to check its status. It may still be en route.

If something’s gone wrong and you’d like us to investigate, send us an email at 

China, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, and Taiwan

Orders for China, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, and Taiwan have all shipped out to backers! If you haven’t received yours yet, please send us an email at

Rest of Asia

You can check your country’s status at:

VFI has sent the shipments to hubs in Japan, Singapore, and Thailand and these games should start delivering to backers in the next few weeks.

The shipment to South Korea hasn’t been sent out, but should leave soon, and those games should arrive at the end of this month, or the beginning of November.

Australia and New Zealand

Aetherworks has shipped all games! If you still haven’t received your copy and would like us to investigate, please send us an email at

Promo Packs

Please be careful not to accidentally throw away your promo pack! It is included outside of the main game box and may be loose in the package that ships to you. (It is a plastic zip bag containing 5 cards.)

You can find rules explanations for these Promo cards on our website here: 

The promo pack bag. Please don't accidentally throw this out! It is external to the main game box and may be loose inside your parcel.

Missing pieces or manufacturing defects

Our manufacturer has a stellar reputation for high quality, but mistakes can still happen. If something is missing or broken in your copy of Fantastic Factories when it arrives, please let us know and we’ll make it right! Please fill out this Google Form to let us know the issue and we'll contact you about a replacement:

The spare parts will arrive at our house next week, and we should be able to start mailing them out shortly after they arrive. (For those of you waiting on replacement parts, sorry for the delay!)

PAX Unplugged

We'll have a booth (#3830) at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, USA from Dec 6-8, 2019! If you're going, too, stop by and say "hi" at the show!

Up Next

Now that games are starting to arrive, we finally have some time to start working on assembling the Puzzle Book, so look for sneak peeks of what it will look like as it starts coming together.  And we'll keep you updated as fulfillment starts for Canada, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, and the EU.

We've seen all your kind words in Kickstarter and Youtube comments about Fantastic Factories and we're flattered and moved. After a few plays, we encourage you to rate the game on BGG.

We've also received so many photos in the last few days from friends around the world playing their newly opened copies of Fantastic Factories. Feel free to tweet us @fanfactories or share in our Facebook community group. Thank you for playing our game!!!

And thank you, again, for all your support along the way!

Joseph and Justin

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