Australia and New Zealand shipping this week! Ocean freight complete!

Hello everyone!

The US and EU ships docked last week and the games are in customs! Australia games will start shipping this week, and some Asia fulfillment will start after October 7. We’ll go into detail for each region lower in the update, but first, the latest delivery estimates:

Delivery Estimates

Here are our estimates of when games will start arriving:

  •  Australia and New Zealand - Starting this week
  •  China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan - After Oct 7
  •  Rest of Asia - varies by country: October-November
  •  Europe - 2nd half of October
  •  US - Late October - first half of November
  •  Canada - November

Australia and New Zealand

Status: At fulfillment center in Sydney, should pack and ship to backers starting tomorrow

Australia- and New Zealand-bound packages start shipping this week! Our fulfillment partner in Sydney, Aetherworks, mentioned us in their Friday fulfillment update last week and posted today that parcels to backers in Australia and New Zealand would start shipping tomorrow.

Australia and New Zealand orders should ship tomorrow!

If anyone has already gotten their package, feel free to post in the comments and let us know! 

Also, please be careful not to accidentally throw away your promo pack! It is included outside of the main game box and may be loose in the package that ships to you. (It is a plastic zip bag containing 5 cards.)

The promo pack bag. Please don't accidentally throw this out! It is external to the main game box and may be loose inside your parcel.


Thailand: orders for Thailand have been packed and freighted to the Thailand hub (presumably Battlefield Bangkok). We’ll let you know when we find out more about their status and when they start mailing them out.

Rest of Asia: VFI Asia has finished packing all orders. China and Malaysia fulfillment (and shipments to rest of Asia hubs) will start after October 7 when VFI Asia returns from holiday.

US, Canada, and EU

Last week, both the US- and EU-bound ships docked! The US ship, YM Utopia, docked in Jacksonville, Florida, USA on September 27, and the EU Ship, APL Vanda, docked in Le Havre, France on the same day (September 27).


We estimate customs and freight to our fulfillment partner in Strasbourg, France (Meeple Logistics) will take about 10 days, so they should be at the fulfillment center around October 7. Meeple Logistics needs up to four weeks to start shipping and sending tracking emails, so we think most residents Europe should expect their games in late October or first half of November.


We estimate customs and transport should take 10 days, so the games should be at Quartermaster Logistics around October 7. Quartermaster needs up to four weeks to start shipping and sending tracking emails, so we think most residents of the continental US should expect their games in late October or the first half of November.


Our US fulfillment partner Quartermaster Logistics will pre-pack orders headed for Canada at their warehouse in Florida and then freight them in one shipment to a FedEx hub in Canada, where we’ll pre-pay duties., Then the orders will be shipped from within Canada via FedEx to backers (you shouldn't need to pay duties at the door). We estimate the Canadian freight and customs to take a couple of weeks, so Canadian backers will probably receive their games in November.

Address updates

If you live in Europe or North America and would like to update your address (or if you’re moving soon and want us to hold your package), send us an email at

Missing pieces or manufacturing defects

Our manufacturer has a stellar reputation for high quality, but mistakes can still happen. If something is missing or broken in your copy of Fantastic Factories when it arrives, please let us know and we’ll make it right! Please fill out this Google Form to let us know the issue and we'll contact you about a replacement:

New Blue Dice

A couple weeks ago we received a small advance shipment of production games to verify quality and also send to potential distributors and reviewers. The games looked great! These copies were the first that we’d received that contained the corrected blue dice.

Here’s a picture we took today of the boards, card (in their plastic wrap), and the final dice, with the correct light blue color.

Dice, with the correct blue! And plastic wrapped decks and token sheets.

AU/NZ Packout Photos

Aetherworks in Sydney is starting fulfillment of Australia and New Zealand, and they sent us these photos of how they’re packing the games.

Bubble wrapped
Boxed, with packing peanuts
Covered with more peanuts

Hungarian Rulebook Translation

The Hungarian translation of the rulebook is ready! Thank you, Zoltán Ludányi, for all your help putting the translation together! (Zoltán is a backer who generously donated time to help us translate.)

Although Fantastic Factories only includes printed English rules, you can download PDFs of the rulebook for free in English, German, Spanish, French, and now Hungarian at


We'll be attending the SHUX'19 convention in Vancouver, BC, Canada this weekend from Friday-Sunday. Send us an email at if you're attending and would like to meet up to play a game!

Up Next

With some of Asia fulfillment starting in a couple weeks and North America and Europe fulfillment potentially starting at the end of this month, we should have enough information and should have made enough progress for an update in a couple weeks.

In the meanwhile, if any backers in Australia, New Zealand, or Asia receive your copies in the mail, feel free to let us know in the comments!

And if you have any questions or need to contact us about your order, you can send us an email at

Thank you again for all your support!!

Joseph and Justin

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